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use SetLoadFields and Supercharge your BC Processing Time by Slashing it by 50%!

Yes, it is true that with new features and functions, we can reduce processing time in AL code. One method to achieve this is by using the SetLoadFields function. Read full article here What this SetLoadfields function does! lets check it out. This function allows us...

AboutText AboutTitle

Enhance your objects with AboutTitle and AboutText property with Business Central using AL Code.

How to Use AboutTitle and AboutText Property in a page with AL Code. Lets try it. Here I am taking an example of Custom page with any table, and I will show you how you can use those teaching tips with your custom Page. I...

How to Show Progress Bar in Business Central?

This video will show how we can add a progress bar in business central Checkout this video to show Progress Bar with VS Code, custom progress bar

BC Developer Certificate

Have we prepared enough to become a Microsoft Business Central Technical Consultant?

Yes, this is the question comes in mind after we heard the news in recent days that Microsoft is being ready to provide an exam in Business Central Technical side too. Say Hurray 🙂 we got this news recently from the community, since MVP summit...

AL Home AL Explorer

AL Home and AL Explorer provide a convenient and user-friendly way for users to explore and interact with their Business Central environment, allowing them to maximize efficiency and productivity.😃😃👏👏

Business Central developer news 2023-04-03 Welcome to the AL Home and AL Explorer 😃😃👏👏 Now you can easily explore the following in Business Central: Objects: This section contains a comprehensive collection of codeunits, tables, pages, page extensions, reports, and more. Events: Here, you will find...

Email Scenario

Can we empower the option to choose the Sender email ID while sending an email in Business Central?

Can we empower the option to choose the Sender email ID while sending an email in Business Central? The answer is yes, with using of Email Scenario. Lets start step by step how to achieve that First of all we need to understand how email...

Download Symbols

Empower your capability: Download symbols in a local folder change in AL Settings

Yes, we can do that, Lets start how to do that, so we can minimize the size of our app folder not to download the symbols in single project file. How we can do that? Create new project as usual Generate manifest Download symbols Now...