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Duet AI

Utilize the Google Cloud within AL Language

Google Cloud is an Alternate of ChatGPT in for AL Language???? “Yes, you heard it right. We can try this extension developed by Google Cloud Code named ‘Chat with Duet AI’. You can install this extension from here. Let’s start using it. Install this extension...

BC Developer Certificate

Coming January 2024: The new Microsoft Certified: Business Central Developer Associate certification

Yes you are heard it right earlier it was announced that there is going to be launch a Business central developer certification as near about last 10 years except functional certification MBS-800 we did not have any Technical certification but not this is announced by...

Business Central pdfDocument

Business Central URLs to Retrieve the Purchase Sales reports as PDF Document

We can retrieve any report of sales and purchase documents as a PDF document using Business central URLs. Let’s explore its functionality in the Business Central SaaS version. First, we need to generate the complete API URL to access our posted sales and purchase invoices....


use SetLoadFields and Supercharge your BC Processing Time by Slashing it by 50%!

Yes, it is true that with new features and functions, we can reduce processing time in AL code. One method to achieve this is by using the SetLoadFields function. Read full article here What this SetLoadfields function does! lets check it out. This function allows us...

AboutText AboutTitle

Enhance your objects with AboutTitle and AboutText property with Business Central using AL Code.

How to Use AboutTitle and AboutText Property in a page with AL Code. Lets try it. Here I am taking an example of Custom page with any table, and I will show you how you can use those teaching tips with your custom Page. I...

Business Central Views

Business Central Views — Views creation through AL code in Business Central for enhanced data analysis and reporting.

Business Central views : In recent times, we have found it necessary to create our page views and save them to avoid the repetitive application of filters on the same page. But what if we could achieve this more efficiently through AL code using Business...

SOAP and OData4

SOAP to OData4 – Supercharge Your Business Central Integration: Elevate from SOAP Webservices to OData4

Transform Your Business Central Integration: Empower Your System by Replacing SOAP Webservice with OData4 Let’s discuss the process of migrating from SOAP Web Services to OData4 in Business Central and utilizing it via API. In Recent article we heard this “Expose UI pages as SOAP...

How to Show Progress Bar in Business Central?

This video will show how we can add a progress bar in business central Checkout this video to show Progress Bar with VS Code, custom progress bar

Securely Retrieve User’s Card Details Using USERSECURITYID in Business Central with AL Code.

We can get the user’s card details with the help of USERSECURITYID field in the Business central OnPrem and Saas version USERSECURITYID – The ID that is assigned to the user by the application. This is the value of the User Security ID field in...

Docker Image command

Download latest BC image using docker and quick with two commands

Yes thats right, here I am going to show you two commands which will download the latest Business central image and install in your already installed docker environment. So Here we go, first you need to install Docker from here (if its not already there)...