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2023-04-03 Welcome to the AL Home and AL Explorer 😃😃👏👏

Now you can easily explore the following in Business Central:

Objects: This section contains a comprehensive collection of codeunits, tables, pages, page extensions, reports, and more.

Events: Here, you will find a list of integration and business events that have been made available for subscription.

APIs: This section provides access to all the API pages, allowing you to interact with external systems and services.

Extensible Enums: This category includes all the extensible enums that implement a specific interface, enabling you to extend and customize the predefined enumerations as per your requirements.

You have created in your extension app.

Just update or Install the newest AL Language extension from MarketPlace Download

After install Press Ctrl + Ship + f12 or Choose command as per below

AL Home AL Explorer

After opening the AL Explorer window you can search as above said.

AL Home AL Explorer

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