Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Boolean Switch problem on Chrome and Edge browser


Currently, all Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS clients running Booleans or Demos on Chrome and/or Edge browser are finding the browsers are shifting true/false fields in BC over the captions of certain fields.

Why its happening?

All pages throughout the system with Boolean Fields (true/false) flags have a bug where the Boolean is getting pushed to the top of the fast tab and hiding the caption for other fields as shown below from a customer card example:

Can we Fix it?

To fix the problem in SaaS version, Microsoft is working already on the issue



To solve this problem OnPrem version, there is solution to modify the desktopPreview.CSS file in our InetPub folder as per below

Note: BC180 can be your local version folder




Now save this file to Desktop and open in Note pad and find the below Tag, and remove the below Yellow Property from the tab

Save this file and copy and paste into your original folder.

.booleancontrol-toggle-switch-container .edit-container .input-wrapper{display: inline-flex;

Now open the browser and check again, issue resolved.