Google Cloud is an Alternate of ChatGPT in for AL Language????

“Yes, you heard it right. We can try this extension developed by Google Cloud Code named ‘Chat with Duet AI’. You can install this extension from here. Let’s start using it. Install this extension by using the Visual Studio Code Marketplace as per the instructions below or you can use this link:”

Duet AI


After installation, it will prompt you to sign in using your Google Cloud project. Duet AI


Duet AI

Then it will ask you to create a new project, or it’s up to you; you can ignore this step. Now, you will notice in your IDE that one icon has been added, which is using the Duet AI Chat icon with a chat prompt. Here is where the story begins.

Duet AI Icon

Here are a few examples I tried to create as follows:

Here, I have simply written a script to generate a new table in AL Code as follows:

“Using Visual Studio AL code, create a table named “Commission” with three fields: No. as Integer, Salesperson as Code 20, and “Total Amount” as Decimal. This table should start with a table ID of 50000.”

You can see that it generates the result almost 90% accurately. You can copy this code and paste it into your IDE, adding more information as needed.

Duet AI


lets try another example,

Using Visual Studio AL code, let’s create a new page named “Commission List” and include all fields from the table “Commission”. This page should utilize object ID 50000.

Duet AI

Here you can see that it remembers also what we had asked last time and based on that, it behaves exactly what we are looking for.

In the next example I tried to create a new function or procedure with this script :

Using Visual Studio AL code, write a procedure to sum of the all total from standard table “Sales Line”‘s field Unit price which are having quantity greater then 10

Duet AI

You can see that we are almost at the final stages of our code development, which is significantly reducing our development time.

So, let’s begin integrating some AI into our AL Code 🙂

Please feel free to share your feedback or any questions you may have regarding this approach.